How To Videos

If you need a little help getting started with the app, we've created a short series of how to videos below for you.

For DJs: Adding your event to GoodMuse

This video shows you how quick and easy it is to add the details of your next set and your next events to GoodMuse so it can instantly allow new music fans who love the songs you play, discover, save and share your event, plus they can follow you and know about all your future sets.

Managing and editing your playlist on GoodMuse

Adding the songs you love to hear and play is one of the keys to the GoodMuse experience, so here we'll go through how you can update your playlists to suit your preferences.

Finding events that match your playlists

Using Good Muse in just three simple steps you'll have a list of events that play the kind of music you love.

For DJs: Editing your event on GoodMuse

Need to change a few details about your event? This video shows you how simple it is.

For DJs: What about recurring events on GoodMuse?

Do you have an event that happens every month or every week? We don't want GoodMusers coming along to find out the event is no longer happening so here's how you can keep everything fresh.

Finding events happening near you on GoodMuse

Sometimes you're just not ready to go home, so how about finding out what's happening near your location? This is how you do it. Check out this GoodMuse tutorial

Finding events with specific features on GoodMuse

Maybe you want to find an event with balloons, or a foam party, or a happy hour. Whatever you're looking for this is another way you can search for events using Good Muse

For DJs: Updating your DJ profile

Let music fans know a little more about you by updating your bio

How to use Good Muse

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